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4th  Annual General Meeting

Thanks to all who attended our 4th
Annual Meeting and made it such a great success

"Stand Up For Your Rights”


What’s happened since we last met  in 2003....

  • A letter signing campaign was started at our last General Meeting in 2003 – Letter to the Attorney General of Ontario requesting representation at Mediation.

  • In November, 2003 at mail out was done to our membership with  a positive response from our members reaffirming membership with  $10.00 membership fee suggested at General Meeting.

  • As reported at last General Meeting, Rod Ferguson, Pro-Bono  Counsel for Save the Beaches, represented our group on the Legal  Sub-Committee set up by the Mediator. Mr. Ferguson was instructed  by our Directors and members to continue mediation, but not to give up our rights.

  •  In December, 2003 Save the Beaches Directors corresponded to  the Mediator that the confidential gatherings of other stakeholders had resulted in the empowerment of the waterfront.

  • In February 2004, members of the Mediation Legal Sub-Committee prepared a Draft “Link Beach” Agreement and input from Save the Beaches was requested by Paul Torrie, the Mediator.  It was apparent on viewing this document prepared by members of  Legal Sub-Committee that after 8 months since the formation of  this committee, the concerns of Save the Beaches had not been  addressed and the Draft document, formatted as a legal document  still contained a “Walk Only” clause.

  •  March 8, 2004, Directors made a Deputation to Council to introduce  themselves and to discuss Beach Stewardship. Attempts to discuss  the Draft “Link Beach” Agreement were refused by Council  members, including Mayor Klug, who accused Save the Beaches of  trying to come through the back door of mediation.

  •  Attempts were made by President, Kathy Speers to address the  Draft “Link Beach” Agreement with the Mediator, Paul Torrie, George Lawrence, T.R.W.T. President, and with a representative of the Attorney General’s office. Under the request of the Mediator, other stakeholders also declined to comment to Save  the Beaches on the Draft Agreement.

  •  Draft document was released to our membership for input.

  • Save the Beaches has continued to correspond with the Mediators  and with the Attorney General. Several letters have been exchanged. Some of this correspondence will be posted on our website, www.savethebeaches.ca, which should be up and running in the near future.

  •  In March, 2004, 892 signed letters (from letter campaign) were  forwarded to the Attorney General’s office.

  • "President, Kathy Speers was interviewed for a Toronto Sun newspaper article, by Christine Blizzard and also invited to do a segment on Global TV, Focus Ontario, which included Mayor  Klug and George Lawrence, T.R.W.T."

  • Additional letter campaigns were started by our members and  several thousand more letters of concern have since been forwarded  to the Attorney General’s office.

  •  The most current letter to Save the Beaches, from the Attorney  General, the Honourable Michael Bryant, dated July 21, 2004 states...

“The Ontario government agreed to appoint a facilitator and  pay the facilitator’s fees and disbursements with the expectation that stakeholders could find a find a resolution that takes the  interests of everyone, including those of the public, into account. In accordance with the terms of reference, I will review any proposed agreement reached by the stakeholders. I will approve only those which are in the public interest.

 The facilitation process has recently been adjourned and the facilitator  has announced that he will be submitting a report to me. In deciding the future direction of the facilitation process, I will take into  consideration all the circumstances, including the facilitator’s  report and the views of the stakeholders.”


 Thanks for your support!



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