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General Meeting - August 23, 2003:

Thanks to all who attended our General Meeting on Saturday August  23, 2003. We had a large attendance. A special thanks to Anglers  and Hunters in Tiny, for their hospitality at their lovely new facility located on Conc. 8.

Your Directors:

Michelle Jacobs and Don Yuill were appointed as Directors at our General Meeting.
We welcome them to our dedicated team, which includes Kathy Speers,  as President, Gail Barrie, Muriel Barker, Don DíAoust and  Donna Ebers as Directors.

Rod Ferguson:

Rod has volunteered as Pro-Bono Counsel for Save the Beaches Inc., since Aug. 2000, when he agreed to assist Save the Beaches in mediation while completing his Masters Degree in Mediation. He graduated over a year ago and is still volunteering his assistance.

We are extremely grateful to Rod for his dedication, knowledge and guidance. We canít thank him enough!

Beach Access Mediation:

As you are aware the Attorney General of Ontario for Ontario appointed a Mediator, Paul Torrie of Global Resolutions, in 1999 to resolve the dispute over beach access in Tiny Township.Save The Beaches  has been involved in this mediation from the beginning.

 In July, 2003, we met with Beach Associations and other participants  to discuss the "ceasefire" proposal which can be viewed on the Mediator's website www.beachaccessmediation.org

 The Directors of Save The Beaches have had ongoing concerns about increasingly restrictive terms and actions that have taken place  during mediation and which have resulted in further impediment to  rights of access and use of Tiny's beaches, specifically, private  signs, boulders, signs which delineate Township property, and additional parking restrictions.

 Save The Beaches has been in a "ceasefire" position since mediation began. We refrained from holding media blitzes and protests. During this time, we have seen the patterns of traditional  use further deteriorate. We have expressed our concerns to the Mediator and Attorney General to no avail.

 A legal sub-committee was recently formed by the Mediator to address  concerns of the various participants. Save The Beaches is pleased  to have Rod Ferguson participate on this committee which is working  on rewording the "ceasefire" proposal.

 The Directors have instructed Rod to cooperate with mediation but not to give up our rights before the "ceasefire" begins.  Our position is that "walk only" is not a "ceasefire" but a gross reduction of rights or a surrender.

 Save The Beaches has requested representation from the Attorney General's Office in the mediation process to protect the rights  of the public.

 At this time Save The Beaches has sent several thousand letters to the Attorney General and have just received correspondence from his office. We are pleased that the issue for rights of the public have been recognized by the Attorney General and will be protected.


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