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 Our Reference #: M04-04658

July 21, 2004

Ms. Kathy Speers
Save The Beaches
Perkinsfield, Ont
L0L 2J0

Dear Ms. Speers:

Thank you for forwarding correspondence on behalf of concerned citizens, regarding the beach access issue in Tiny Township.

I appreciate your concerns over the issue of public access to beaches  in Tiny Township. The stakeholders are to be commended for their commitment to the facilitation process and for the success they have achieved to date.

The Ontario government agreed to appoint a facilitator and pay the facilitatorís fees and disbursements with the expectation that the stakeholders could find a resolution that takes the interests  of everyone, including those of the public, into account. In accordance with the terms of reference, I will review any proposed agreement  reached by the stakeholders. I will approve only those which are in the public interest.

The facilitation process has recently been adjourned and the facilitator has announced that he will be submitting a report to me. In deciding the future direction of the facilitation process, I will take into  consideration all the circumstances, including the facilitatorís  report and the views of the stakeholders.

The community will be advised of any decision made. The facilitators will also likely take steps to provide all stakeholders with notice  relating to the future direction of the process.

Thank you again for your letter.

Yours truly,
Michael Bryant
Attorney General
Minister Responsible for Native Affairs
Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal



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