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Sept. 21, 2004

The Honourable Michael J. Bryant
Attorney General of Ontario
6th Floor, 720 Bay Street
M5G 2K1

Dear Mr. Bryant:

Re: Beach Access and Use of Tiny Beaches and the Protection of Public Rights.

 While we are awaiting your decision regarding the Beach Access  dispute in Tiny Township, Save the Beaches has been made aware of  further actions being taken by waterfront property owners to gain control over the beaches of Tiny Township.

Shoreline property owners are surveying outside of subdivision lot lines to the
Water’s edge and registering the beach area on their property deeds;

 Two Beach Associations have recently made applications for this absolute title
To beaches;

Tiny Township Council held a public meeting to discuss a report  by David
Lamb den, Land Surveyor hired to complete an inventory of Township-owned
Lands. No public acknowledgement was made on Township ownership  during
the meeting, but Mr. Lamden gave his opinion to approximately 200  in
attendance, that the beaches in Tiny Township are in private ownership;

attached is a document recently brought to our attention regarding Woodland
Beach, a Township owned beach and park area, in which Woodland is
asking the signees to recognize the waterfront as owners giving  permission
for absolute title (even though it is a Township owned beach), and that signees
agree not to oppose this title. This document has been brought to our attention in
what appears to be draft form, but its contents are very disturbing and ignore
the traditional use of the public, as is acknowledged in the comment page which
is attached to the document- “2nd page, para. 8 – status quo always included
daytrippers….do you think we should use the phrase “status quo”?

Tiny Council, supported and backed by the shoreline federation, is now
Advertising to sell off two municipal walkways to beaches within Tiny Township,
One which leads to a Crown Patent, Canada Co. beach;

We understand that Mr. Paul Torrie has now submitted his report  to your office
And we request a copy. We are in danger of losing our precious beaches one by
one. Time is of the essence and we would greatly appreciate that your office take
the appropriate steps in protecting the rights of the public to  continued traditional
use and access to Tiny’s beaches An immediate response to  this letter is required.
Please contact Kathy Speers at 705-533-3309.

Donna Ebers
Kathy Speers
President on behalf of the
Directors of Save The Beaches Inc.


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