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 Tired of Tiny yet?

Letter of the day

 I suppose everyone is tired of hearing about the beach-access issue in Tiny Township.
I know I am.

The problem, however, just won’t go away, and the proposed “Link Beach” plan suggests that this may be an issue that is about to really blow up.

In essence, what the program seems to mean is that the beach-front lot owners, who may or may not actually own to the water’s edge, will be empowered with control over who gets to use the public segment of the beaches and who doesn’t.

It will be interesting to see who this select group will allow to  use these public beaches, assuming anyone is allowed.

The solution to the beach access issue that has plagued Tiny Township  for so long is actually very simple.

Give control to the smallest group of individuals, the beachfront  owners.

No problem.

All you have to do now is throw out the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or maybe just the sections that are concerned with  equality.

In Tiny Township, some people are a little more equal than others  when it comes to using public property, it seems.

To put it into perspective, imagine if similarly, the Town of Midland  and the Province of Ontario gave control over who could use King Street to the people who happened to own the land immediately adjacent  to the street.

It isn’t likely to happen. And if it did it is highly unlikely the shopkeepers on King would stop anyone from using King Street.

The beach is a different issue but the violation of rights is the  same.

To those who aren’t interested in the beach problems, lucky  you.

To the others, myself included, enjoy the beach while you can because  your ability to do so may just be coming to an end.

There is of course a good side to this issue.

Once public access to public beaches has been eliminated in Tiny,  the township will save money on the cost of extending the large  network of no parking signs and may actually be able to take these unsightly things down.

Now there you go, maybe they should have leased the signs and in the end saved a bundle for the taxpayers.



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