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Save the Beaches Inc.

c/o 597 Tiny Beaches Rd. N., R.R. 1, Perkinsfield, ON L0L 1J0

February 16, 2005

The Honourable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1

Dear Mr. McGinty:

Re: Beach Access Mediation - Tiny Township

We are enclosing for your information a package that we recently forwarded to The Honourable Michael J. Bryant, Ministry of the Attorney General regarding the beach access dispute that has been taking place in Tiny Township over the past decade.

Save the Beaches Inc. was formed in the summer of 1999, and sponsored a peaceful protest on beach access, which resulted in approximately 4000 letters of concern being forwarded to the office of the Attorney General. A subsequent meeting with the Honourable Jim Flaherty occurred, which led to the appointment of the Provincial Mediator, Mr. Paul Torrie, Global Resolutions.

Save the Beaches was incorporated in 2001, and represents approximately 3800 members. Our Mission Statement, which was endorsed by our Membership, includes the following “to preserve the historical use by the public of the beaches of Tiny Township” and “to support and participate in a peaceful resolution of such outstanding issues aforementioned”.

Mr. Bryant has recently informed the Mediators Paul Torrie and James McKenzie that after providing close to $500,000 on the mediation process over more than four years, without resolution,  the Province of Ontario will no longer continue to provide financial support. We request that your office look into the matter of how the Province can best assure the citizens of Ontario that they will be able to continue to have unfettered access and use to the beaches of Tiny Township that they have enjoyed for approximately 100 years.

Yours truly

Donna Ebers

Secretary on Behalf of the
Directors of Save the Beaches Inc.



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