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Save the Beaches Inc.

c/o 597 Tiny Beaches Rd. N., R.R. 1, Perkinsfield, ON L0L 1J0

July 8, 2006

Mr. George Lawrence
Editor & Publisher The Tiny Ties
c/o Tinyís Residents Working Together
P.O. Box 225
Perkinsfield, ON L0L 2J0

Dear Mr. Lawrence & TRWT Directors:

Save The Beaches wishes to respond to comments made by George Lawrence, in his Chairmanís message in the July issue of The Tiny Ties Newspaper. Once again Mr. Lawrence is attacking the integrity of Save the Beaches through the use of his newspaper.

As publisher and editor of The Tiny Ties Mr. Lawrence has a responsibility to the people of Tiny Township to thoroughly research stories, gather all facts and report both sides of a story in an unbiased manner. You do a great disservice your readers Mr. Lawrence, when you misinform your readers and do not give them a complete overall view of a story . In the last 2 issues you do not report to your readers valid information about the Balm Beach property Boundaries Act Hearing, or the outcome and decision of the Hearing. Instead of criticizing and falsely accusing Save the Beaches and its members of not representing the community you could have reported factually that Save the Beaches is working with and assisting the residents of Balm Beach in their quest to have the fence removed from the beach at this property. More importantly, you also could have used your newspaper as a vehicle to inform others about fundraising steps taking place within this community. Once again you have failed your readers. We feel it is our duty and responsibility to instill some degree of journalistic integrity to Mr. Lawrence while he is the Editor and Publisher of The Tiny Ties.

Had Mr. Lawrence attended a public meeting held on June 17, 2006 with concerned residents and Save the Beaches, he would have received the answers to his questions in his Chairmanís message ..."When these associations could have made a difference at the Boundary Act Hearing noone came forward. Why?"

1. Save The Beaches has ALWAYS sought out legal and technical advice before responding to any attempts at eroding our rights of use and access of the beaches.

2. Save The Beaches withdrew our objection of the Boundary application based on advice from our lawyer as we did not have the technical proof to object properly based on the procedure outlined under The Land Boundaries Act, as was explained to you Mr. Lawrence by the Deputy Director of Titles at the Hearing.

To the second question, "Two organizations that purported to represent the community did not. Why?" Once again you are wrong ...Our association has been involved from the outset, including prior and during the Boundaries Act Hearing, and will continue to represent the community. Save the Beaches has helped organize the residents of Balm Beach and sought out and retained a lawyer on their behalf.

On many occasions in the past, the Directors of Save the Beaches has requested meetings with Mr. Lawrence and TRWT Directors. Each request was met with refusal by Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence has never contacted Save the Beaches to communicate or to find the answers to the questions he asks in his latest Chairmanís message in The Tiny Ties regarding involvement of Save the Beaches in a recent Boundaries Act Hearing and with regard to the fence that has been erected on Balm Beach.

Since Mr. Lawrence purports to be an editor and publisher of a newspaper, we strongly suggest that he contact Save the Beaches before he writes any further stories or comments regarding our organization. To further assist Mr. Lawrence in getting his facts straight on the matter, we suggest he visit our website, www.savethebeaches.ca.

In closing we say to Mr. Lawrence ...Are you now prepared to join forces and assist the residents of Balm Beach and are you ready to truly represent the name of your organization Ė Tinyís Residentís Working Together. We hope this letter clarifies the misinformation contained within your Chairmanís message and that Mr. Lawrence will see fit to correct it in the next issue of The Tiny Ties so that legal measures are not required.


Kathy Speers, President
on Behalf of the Directors of
Save the Beaches Inc.


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