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Taken from The Free  Press/Letters to the Editor

Take a long view to access on the beach

Letter of the Day

 My family has resided on the 2nd Concession of Tiny (Lawson Road)  and, more recently, Woodland Beach. For more than 5 generations.

And, so, I feel compelled to respond to the article of August 17,  2004 (Woodland Beach Public or Private?)

I thought that Woodland Beach was safe from the fighting over waterfront access/usage, but I guess not.

So, I want to throw out a different perspective to the Woodland  Beach Association, from a Woodland Beach Resident who does not support preventing “non-township residents” from “invading”  the beach.

I can say with confidence that the majority, if not all of the Woodland  Beach Association, were non-Tiny residents at one time.

You had the freedom to come to Woodland, enjoy the beach and obviously you decided to buy here-Great!

So, how can you deny others from this same opportunity?

If my great-grandfather, who at the time, owned the waterfront from  the Woodland Beach Park to Tamarac Trail, felt the same way you do, you would never have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Woodland Beach and share it with your children and grandchildren.

It would have been kept for my family only.

Wouldn’t that have been a great loss of many happy family  memories?

Let’s be reasonable, just because you’re a “Tiny Resident” doesn’t mean you won’t have the potential  to “abuse” your beach.

You only have to look in the ditch coming down any concession road in Tiny at any time of year and see a wide array of refuse or walk 10 feet into any area and see couches/beds/appliances that have  been dumped.

Is this the act of “non-Tiny Residents”?

Even if the Woodland Beach Association was restricted to “Tiny Residents” you’d still have potentially 140 people visiting the park on any given day.

And the Woodland Beach Association would be okay with this because they’re “Tiny Residents”?

Some waterfront owners at Woodland Beach have already started to assert their “ownership” of the beach.

You know who you are and what you’re doing to ward-off non-waterfront  beachers.
In my opinion, this proposal is a further attempt to establish your  ownership of the waterfront and then deny others access.

Lisa Pighin


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